Here at AFRC, we specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of Fire Retardant chemicals and coatings. Below, you will find descriptions of our products which have been designed as topical treatments to cover a variety of substrates, including wood, drywall, fabrics, thatch, bamboo, foam, leather, artificial foliage etc…

All of our products have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to meet stringent fire code standards. They comply with standards set by ASTM, NFPA, ICC (ICBO) and the State of California and are listed in Division: 09 Finish Specifications, Section: 09960—High Performance Coatings.

AFRC also offers in-house and on-site Fire Retardant application using trained experts who will certify projects to local, state or federal safety codes upon completion. For more information regarding these types of services click here or visit our Services page.

Should you have any questions after reviewing our information, please do not hesitate to call. We will gladly address all of your fire prevention needs to the best of our ability.


Products and Descriptions

A professional, long lasting, fire retardant treatment for most synthetic and natural fibers and interior wood. Particularly recommended for the treatment of porous decorative materials.

The newest generation of fire retardant technology, triple protection in one application. With a single application you can flame retard, disinfect, and soil protect.

NCFR 102
NCFR 102 is a Class A, interior/exterior latex fire protective coating. NCFR 102 comes in black or white and can be tinted with universal colorants to fit any decorating scheme. NCFR 102 is an excellent choice for exterior applications on foam, wood, paneling, primed metal, stucco, concrete, plastics and drywall where a Class A flamespread is desired.

X-238 fire retardant coating for exterior or interior wood and thatch products.

FIREX fire retardant latex is a water based adhesive containing antimony trioxide and bromine containing compounds and is designed for a back coating or a face coating type finish. When properly applied and cured it provides a flame retardant finish that is both durable and economical.

FC 166
Flame Control No. 166 is a clear satin finish fire retardant varnish having a Class “A” Underwriters Laboratories flame spreading rating.

FC 167
Flame Control No. 167 Class “A” fire retardant varnish overcoat for No. 166. FC 167 has been tested and rated by the Underwriters Laboratories, as an overcoat for FC 166 Class “A” fire retardant “Intumescent” varnish. FC 167 is available in three distinctive sheens, low, semi, or high gloss. The use of FC 167, as a topcoat over FC 166 greatly improves the durability, and cleans ability of No. 166. We recommend that No 167 be used over No. 166 on all surfaces that will be subjected to washing, handling, or where a low, semi, or high gloss finish is desired.

FIREX 819 polymeric flame retardant designed for artificial foliage, Teflon coated poly cotton, and metallic fabrics.

Concentrated non-salt fire retardant treatment on an aqueous solution for most natural, synthetic and blended fabrics.

A professional, long lasting fire retardant treatment for nylon and nylon products.

FIREX UV-11 is a water soluble UV absorber that improves light fastness requirements of many substrates. It is compatible with a wide range of polymer dispersions, fluorocarbons, silicones, etc., allowing the application of a variety combined finishes to textiles.

A concentrated non-saline fire retardant treatment for natural synthetic and blended textiles.

NCFR 125
NCFR 125 is a clear, high gloss, water based topcoat for use over unfinished wood and wallboard, as well as, wood or wallboard which have been previously coated with fire retardant coatings. It will raise the gloss of previously coated substrates and provide a protective topcoat for both interior and exterior applications.

NCFR 1000 latex paint is an exceptionally durable, high quality paint for interior use. It is also an extremely effective Class A type fire retardant coating.

NCFR 1000-1X
NCFR 1000-1x solvent paint is exceptionally durable, high quality paint for interior and exterior use. It is also an extremely effective Class A/Type 1 fire retardant coating.

NO. 6-3
NO. 6-3 is a "Class A" clear and colorless surface impregnation for application on interior surfaces of unpainted wood and plywood to REDUCE FLAME SPREAD and SMOKE when exposed to fire. NO. 6-3 does not contain Halogen or Sulphur compounds (chlorine less than 0.005% by wt., Sulphur less than 0.20% by wt.)

TreeSafe, the #1 Christmas tree fire retardant. When used as directed, TreeSafe is a proven safe and effective flame retardant for real Christmas trees and wreaths. With a single application TreeSafe will stop fires before they start. It is easy to apply, non-toxic, and child/pet safe.

Washable, lightweight woven emergency FIREX FIRE BLANKETS are designed to prevent fire accidents and damage. Flash fires, sparks and flying particles can be easily extinguished from office equipment, kitchen stoves, car engines, welding machinery and other small fires.

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