FIREXTRA NS 200 - A concentrated non-saline fire retardant treatment for natural synthetic and blended textiles

Product Description:
FIREXTRA NS 200 is a clear water base, fire retardant chemical especially formulated for treatment to a wide range of natural, synthetic, blended textiles and fibrous materials.



FIREXTRA NS 200 enables these materials, when properly treated to meet such standards as NFPA-701, NFPA-260, FAA-25.853, MVSS-302 "Cigarette Ignition Test" and California Title 19.

FIREXTRA NS 200 is generally applied by diluting with clean water to a proper concentration. Dilution rates will vary depending on type of textile to be treated. Suggested dilution rate of 50% is recommended dilution for most common materials.


Product Data:
Toxicity None
Weight per gallon 10.501
Ph 6-7
Specific Gravity 1.26
Boiling Point 212°F
Solubility Complete
Color Clear
Total solids 48-50%
Solvents Water
Carcinogens None
Flash Point None


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