Firextra-1000 - AFRC is proud to introduce the latest generation of fire retardant technology

A professional, long lasting, fire retardant treatment for most synthetic and natural fibers and interior wood. Particularly recommended for the treatment of porous decorative materials.




Drapes Upholstery Rugs and Carpets
Bedding Textile wall coverings
Unfinished interior wood Paper
Cork, Foam Dried grass and flowers
Leather hides Interior thatch


Reduces the possibility of flame spread
Treated items won’t support combustion
Eliminates afterglow
Reduces toxic fumes from toxic materials
Not affected by multiple professional dry cleaning with non-water based cleaning compounds
Lasts for useful life of treated fabric

General Data
Firextra-1000 is a colorless, non-toxic aqueous based liquid with a specifically developed mixture of chemicals formulated so that one product can be used to fire retard natural or synthetic fibers as well as their blends, and thereby eliminate the necessity for the applicator to identify the fabric and select the appropriate treatment.


One gallon of Firextra-1000 will fire retard an average of 360 square feet of material, actual coverage on any single type of material may vary depending on the density, pile depth, and the type of material being treated.


Potential Markets
Residences Casinos
Hotels/Motels Theatres
Mobile homes Parks
Funeral homes Zoos
Nursing homes Aircrafts
Night clubs  

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