FIREX-5000 - A professional, long lasting fire retardant treatment for nylon and nylon products




Produce Features:
Reduces the possibility of flame spread
Treated items won’t support combustion
Eliminates afterglow
Single formula fire retards nylon and nylon products
Minimal or no change in surface appearance of treated materials
Not affected by multiple dry-cleanings with non-water based cleaning compounds.


FIREX 5000 is a colorless, aqueous liquid, non-toxic non-corrosive and non-irritating. It has no effect upon the color of most treated materials and, after drying, it is resistant to normal “wear and tear” or dry cleaning with a non-aqueous cleaning materials.


Precautionary Information:
Follow manufacturer’s application instructions
Clean up over spray on untreated surfaces with damp cloth
If introduced into eyes or open wounds, wash with clean water for several minutes


Product Data:
Toxicity None
Weight per gallon 10.60
Ph 6-7
Specific Gravity 1.27
Boiling Point 212°F
Solubility Complete
Color Clear
Total solids 50%
Corrosiveness None
Carcinogens None


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