FIREX 819 - Polymeric flame retardant designed for artificial foliage, Teflon coated poly cotton, and metallic fabrics.



Commercial carpeting Upholstery fabrics
Residential carpeting Wall coverings
Draperies Webbing material
Automotive upholstery Unfinished wood
Silk flowers and foliage Metallic textiles
Vinyl substrates Latex Printing


Product Features:
Reduces possibility of flame spread
Treated items won’t support combustion
Eliminates afterglow
Non-toxic under OSHA standard 29CFR, 1920, 1200


Mix thoroughly before application. FIREX 819 can be applied by either spraying or dipping. Surfaces to be treated should be dry and free of dirt, dust, oils, etc., before treatment. A small area or sample piece should be tested before complete application of the product.


Product Data:
Ph 7-8
Total solids 55%
Specific gravity 1.26
Solvents Water
Solubility 100%


Generally a concentration of approximately 30% to 50% is effective followed by normal drying. Can be sprayed or dipped onto the fabric at a wet pickup of 80% to 100%. Pretest fabrics before use.

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