About Us 

American Fire Coatings, Inc. is a fire protection company that specializes in fire prevention and fire containment.  The company focus is research and development of a new generation of fire retardant products and technologies.  Through fire prevention, the company is committed to saving lives and property.

The company’s market is defined as follows:

  • Manufacture of unique line of fire retardant chemicals and paints.
  • Textile processing center, which fire retards various materials to meet Federal and State flammability standards.
  • Fire stopping installation in new and existing construction.
  • Cementitious and Intumescent fireproofing of structural steel.

Mr. Bruce Raidl, President of American Fire, has been in the business of fire retardant / fireproofing products for more than 24 years and has developed formulations which safely and effectively inhibit combustions and flame propagation in a wide variety of materials and fabrics. Mr. Raidl entered into the field of firestop and fireproof systems in the construction industry while establishing its credibility with the fire service and increasing client base.  All phases of fireproofing and firestop market places are governed by statues and codes which mandate the use of material and technology such as American Fire possesses.

American Fire offers to its construction clients on-site fireproofing and firestop systems that have been tested and approved for use by independent laboratories, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual, Warnock Hersey and other nationally recognized testing laboratories.

Potential overall market size is impressive; product development recognizes this and thus accounts for the diversity of products.  The company is becoming a major force in combating fires before they start.

Today we provide fire retardants, firestopping  and fireproofing materials


Bruce Raidl/President

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