Welcome to Amerian Fire Coatings, Inc.

American Fire specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of Fire Retardant chemicals and coatings which have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to meet stringent fire code requirements.

American Fire also specializes in the application of Cementitious and Intumescent Fireproofing. We work directly under the General Contractor using only American Fires Employees. We are recognized as specialist in the fireproofing field as our PMs and Estimators are knowledgeable in UL Codes, Local Codes and Product Specifications.


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American Fire uses only those products which are tested and listed by the most recognized Fireproofing Manufacturers used in the construction industry.

Should you have any questions or need references about American Fire Coatings, Inc. please do not hesitate to call.

Also, should you need any assistance in fire retardant chemical uses or fireproofing requirements for any project you may have, feel free to call on us at your convenience.


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