American Fire Coatings, Inc., (herein known as AFRC) is a fire protection company that specializes in fire prevention and fire containment.  The company focus is research and development of a new generation of fire retardant products and technologies.  Through fire prevention, the company is committed to saving lives and property.

AFRC offers in-house and on-site fire retardant applications which meet national and local fire code standards. AFRC can apply and certify a variety of different substrates such as fabrics, wood, thatch, bamboo, leather, foam, and artificial foliage.

AFRC specializes in Fireproofing, Firestopping and Fire Retardant systems in the construction industry. All phases of fireproofing, firestopping and fire retardant market places are governed by statures and codes which mandate the use of material and technology such as AFRC possesses. 

AFRC offers to its construction clients on-site fireproofing, firestopping and fire retardant systems that have been tested and approved for use by independent laboratories, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual, Warnock Hersey and other nationally recognized testing laboratories.



Today we provide our services nationwide. We have a list of many projects that we have completed which now meet their local or national fire code requirements. Should you need our assistance or require references, please do not hesitate to give AFRC a call.Potential overall market size is impressive; product development recognizes this and thus accounts for the diversity of products.  The company is becoming a major force in combating fires before they start.

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