Fire retardant coating for exterior or interior wood and thatch products. X-238 is a white, opaque, water based fire retardant coating for the use on exterior and interior wood and thatch products. It is paint-like in appearance and dries to a clear satin finish in approximately four (4) hours. X-238 is flexible yet durable which enables it to breathe, shed heavy, driven rain, and withstand considerable sand and dust abrasion.



Product Data
Ph 6-7
Total Solids 51-54%
Flash Point above boiling point
Color white opaque
Toxicity see MSDS
Corrosiveness non-Corrosive


Application Rate
wood shake and shingle 100 ft2 (1 square) per gallon
palm thatch 100 ft2 per gallon (approx.)
flatwood surfaces 150 ft2 per gallon


X-238 was tested by U.S. Testing Company for a flame spread classification of 40 for a flame spread rating of both Class “A” &“B” under ASTM E-84 standards. In addition, DST laboratories tested it for exposure to ultra violent rays using emmaqua test, the results being, that X-238 would survive over two years of actual exterior weathering and still have excellent fire resistance at least 96% of the time.


Mix thoroughly before application. X-238 can be applied by either spraying, dipping or rolling. Surfaces to be treated should be dry and free of dirt, dust, oils, etc., before treatment. When spraying, we recommend using a heavy duty sprayer with a 315 flat contractors tip with a 6 inch fan.

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