NO. 6-3

NO. 6-3 is a "Class A" clear and colorless surface impregnation for application on interior surfaces of unpainted wood and plywood to REDUCE FLAME SPREAD and SMOKE when exposed to fire. NO. 6-3 does not contain Halogen or Sulphur compounds (chlorine less than 0.005% by wt., Sulphur less than 0.20% by wt.)




Surface impregnation by spraying allows NO. 6-3 to penetrate into surface of the wood. Application shall be conventional low pressure, airless, or orchard type paint spray equipment. Spray uniformly over entire surface using coarse nozzle. Cover all metal surfaces before spraying. Apply two (2) coats of NO.6-3 each coat @ 200 sq/ft. coverage per/gal with at least 24 hours drying time between coats. Proper drying conditions of temperature and humidity are necessary. Treated surface may be left unfinished, stained, painted or coated with a varnish or lacquer. If any residue appears on the surface, sand and wipe clean before applying finish coat. Equipment should be cleaned with water before finish system is applied, moisture content of the flame retardant wood must not exceed 12% and must be stabilized at least four (4) days.

Manufacturer’s recommendations for coatings to be applied over NO. 6-3 treated wood. Stains- Cabot stains, Cuprinol, Olympic stains; Varnishes-One coat Fuller’s penetrating wood-finish followed with two coats Fuller’s all-clear varnish, gloss, semi-gloss or flat. One coat Pratt-Lambert’s Pale “38” trim gloss followed with two coats Pratt-Lambert’s Pale “38” trim gloss, semi-gloss flat.

If recommended coating system is not used, sample of treated material shall be finished with proposed system and results shall be evaluated before proceeding further.

NO. 6-3 is furnished as a ready-for-use coating in one (1) gallon and five (5) gallon containers.

ASTM E84-80 FIRE HAZARD classification of applied coating test shows:
Test Specimen Flame Spread Smoke Density
Douglas Fir 25 5

The surface burning characteristics are applicable only when applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions on label.

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