NCFR 102

NCFR 102 is a Class A, interior/exterior latex fire protective coating. NCFR 102 comes in black or white and can be tinted with universal colorants to fit any decorating scheme. NCFR 102 is an excellent choice for exterior applications on foam, wood, paneling, primed metal, stucco, concrete, plastics and drywall where a Class A flamespread is desired.


This product is available in flat white, custom tinting is also available using universal colorants.

U.S. Testing Corporation ASTM E-84 5/4/95 & 6/16/94 Flame spread = 5 Smoke developed = 20 California State Fire Marshall #2280-1340-101 State of Nevada approved as tested I.C.B.O. #5008 City of Los Angeles, RR #25232

Not Recommended For:
Immersion service Flexible Substrates High moisture areas

Compatibility With Other Coatings:
Can be applied over a suitable primer or directly to wood, concrete, stucco, wallboard, plaster or other non-porous substrates.

Weather: Good Weight solids: 64% Flash point: 211°F
Humidity: Good Volume solids: 52% Viscosity: 90-95 KU
Abrasion: Good VOC: 80 Shelf life: 6 months

SIGNIFICANT APPLICATIONS San Francisco General Hospital Sam’s Town New Casino, Henderson, NV Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Broadway Department Store, Northridge, CA Robinson/May Department Store, Northridge, CA Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Airport Industrial Office, El Paso, TX Vista Hills Townhouses, El Paso, TX

Brush, roll or spray with airless spray. Avoid wet film builds greater than 10 mils per pass. Surface preparation: Surface should be prepped and/or primed.
Cure times:
Dry to recoat 30 min.
Dry to touch 1 hour
Dry to handle 4 hours
Thorough cure 1 week

Dry film build: 10 mils
Wet film build: 10 mils 2 coats

1 gallon pail
5 gallon pail
55 gallon container

Shipping Weight:
1 gallon = 12 lbs
5 gallon = 60 lbs

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product prior to use.

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