TreeSafe - AFRC is proud to introduce the latest generation of fire retardant technology

TreeSafe, the #1 Christmas tree fire retardant. When used as directed, TreeSafe is a proven safe and effective flame retardant for real Christmas trees and wreaths. With a single application TreeSafe will stop fires before they start. It is easy to apply, non-toxic, and child/pet safe.




About Tree Safe:
In the U.S. we have inherited many customs including the Christmas tree that we decorate with ornaments and lights. However, that beautiful tree is also the greatest fire hazard in your home (school, business, apartment, church, etc.).... one short circuit, one toppled candle, or a spark from the fireplace, and poof!!!

In a November 2003 report, the National Fire Protection Association concluded that, "Roughly one-third of Christmas tree fires were started by bulbs, lamps, or lighting, and one-quarter were started by cords or plugs. Sixteen percent of the fires occurred because a heat source was too close to the Christmas tree and 9 percent were started by children (or others) playing with fire or other heat source."

When applied as directed, TreeSafe forms an invisible non-combustible barrier that prevents branches and needles from igniting when they come in contact with a spark or flame.


Application Instructions:
Simply spray-on and allow to dry thoroughly before decorating.

  1. Ideally, the tree should be relatively clean. If the tree seems dirty, rinse with an outdoor hose if possible. The retardant material adheres best to clean surfaces.
  2. Hold the spray nozzle 8-10 inches from the area of the tree or wreath to be treated and apply until damp. For maximum protection, apply TreeSafe liberally making sure to cover all exposed tree branches.
  3. Since the tree will become wet when treated, you should allow enough drying time. The drying time will vary depending on room temperature, and humidity. For example, at a comfortable temperature with low humidity, a tree may require 2 hours of drying time - drying outdoors in cool climates could take considerably longer. Christmas trees reach their maximum fire retardability 24 hrs. after being treated with TreeSafe.
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