NCFR 1000-1X

1000-1X Provides a high degree of protection when applied in accordance with manufacturer's directions. When applied over douglas fir, a flame spread rating of 25, smoke density factor of 60, and fuel contribution factor of 20 was obtained in accordance with the provisions of ASTM Designation E-84-70, Identical to that specified in ANS No 2, NFPA No 255, UL No 723, and UBC No 42-1.

Through its intumescent action (foaming and frothing when subjected to flame), NCFR 1000-1X provides excellent fire protection. The vinyl co-polymer resin system gives excellent durability for exterior as well as interior applications. An important additional advantage is that transparent material can be applied over wood surfaces and may also be applied over rigid polyurethane foam and other plastic materials to achieve low flame spread ratings. Simple application with brush, spray, or roller is all that is required.




NCFR 1000-1X solvent paint is exceptionally durable, high quality paint for interior and exterior use. It also is an extremely effective Class A/Type 1 fire retardant coating.


This product is available in white or clear. Custom tinting is also available using universal colorants.


Satin or Clear


The best choice for situations where sources of fire may be present, as well as in cases where the consequences of brush or forest fires may be severe. Always make your own test.


Five (5) fluid ounces (maximum) of tint per gallon of paint. Do not mix with any other paint.


Surface Preparation:
The surface to be treated must be free of dust, dirt, grease, rust, and mildew. Remove flaking, peeling, or powdery paint. Water soluble paint films (IE. calcimine) and all painted surfaces should be cleaned and primed. Do not apply over factory finished wood unless temperature is 70°F or above.


Mix well. Should be sprayed or brushed.


Use a mask.


May be thinned with lacquer thinner. Ratio 1qt to 5 gallons.


300 sq/ft per gallon in two (2) coats. 450 sq/ft per gallon in three (3) coats.


Allow 6-8 hours between coats. At least 5 hours before handling. Finish should reach hardness in 48 hours.


Rating & Test Approvals:
Class A, or Type 1, intumescent solvent base paint. Red oak decking by US Testing Flame Spread 25, Smoke 60 California State Fire Marshall #2280-1340-100
I.C.B.O. #5008
State of Nevada approved as tested city of LA RR # 25232


Available in one (1) or five (5) gallon pails.


A solvent base satin or flat paint. Weight per gallon = 11 lbs.


A must have for Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Government Institutions...

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