NCFR 1000

NCFR 1000 latex paint is an exceptionally durable, high quality paint for interior use. It is also an extremely effective Class A type fire retardant coating.



This product is available in white, custom tinting is also available using universal colorants. Flat finish.


Two (2) fluid ounces (maximum) of tint per original gallon of paint, do not mix this paint with any other paint.


The surface to be painted must be free of dust, dirt, grease, rust & mildew. Remove flaking, peeling or powdery paint. Water soluble paint films should be thoroughly washed away. DO NOT apply over factory finished wood unless temperature is 70F or above.


Mix thoroughly. Use nylon/polyester brushes. Woven medium nap rollers or spray equipment with heavy duty reversible head. Remove filters from pump. DO NOT STRAIN.


For a Class A E-84 (A) on OSB or CDX plywood, use 100 sq. ft. per gallon in two coats, 10 mils dry. For a Class A E-84 (A) 30 minute, apply at 75 sq. ft. per gallon in two coats 16 mils dry.


To touch - 30 minutes
To recoat - 1 hour
To finish - 36 hours
Outside/Inside temperature must be above 50°F


Add up to ½ pint of DISTILLED water per gallon and mix thoroughly.


Ratings and Approvals:
CDX plywood test by U.S. Testing flame spread 10, smoke 25
OSB board test by U.S. Testing :Flame 5, smoke 25
30 minute test by U.S. Testing on CDX plywood passed all phases: Flame 5, Smoke 25
California State #2280-1340-100
ICBO #5008
State of Nevada approved
City of Los Angeles RR #25232

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