Firextra-2000V - AFRC is proud to introduce the latest generation of fire retardant technology

The newest generation of fire retardant technology, triple protection in one application. With a single application you can flame retard, disinfect, and soil protect.



Drapes Upholstery Rugs and Carpets
Bedding Textile wall coverings
Unfinished interior wood Paper
Cork, Foam Dried grass and flowers
Leather hides Interior thatch


Contains VIBAX 300DD, a widely tested, EPA registered, and completely safe anti microbial which bonds to fabrics and non-porous materials. An extremely effective inhibitor of bacterial, viral and fungal growth, and neutralizes the odors they cause. Also effective in curbing the proliferation of dust mites and their larvae.


Soil Protection
Releases most spills for easy cleanup. Can be air dried and is invisible after curing. Improves the useful fabric life expectancy.


Test Results
FYBERIX 2000V was formulated with VIBAX 300DD and sprayed on 100% wool, 100% nylon, 100% cotton and 50/50% cotton/polyester and then air dried.

Assessment of anti microbial activity: AATCC method 147-1993 was used to test the fabrics with the test organism of staphyloccus aureus. All four fabrics demonstrated excellent antibacterial properties, as evidenced by an 8mm to 15mm wide growth free zone against the S. aureus test organism. (gram positive ATCC #6638)

Assessment of anti fungal activity: AATCC method 30-1993 was used to test the fabrics for anti fungal activity. The test organism used was Aspergillus niger (ATCC #6275). As well, the fabrics demonstrated excellent anti fungal properties, as evidenced by the 4mm to 9mm wide growth free zones produced. The corresponding fabrics, which had not been exposed to the FYBERIX 2000V material, failed to show any anti fungal activity.


Safe and easy to apply. No mixing, measuring or diluting is required. FYBERIX 2000V is ready to apply. Airless, trigger or garden type sprayer can be used for application. Treated materials are flame retarded and ready for normal use once dry., which usually requires 4-8 hours under normal conditions. Complete bonding for maximum protection is usually achieved after 72 hours.


Meets NFPA 701 & State of California flammability test
Releases most spills so they blot up easily
Reduces the possibility of flame spread
Non-toxic environmentally safe
Invisible after curing
Improves useful fabric life expectancy
Resists moisture absorption
Will not significantly change the look or feel of fabric
Effective on natural and synthetic


Product Data
Toxicity None
Weight per gallon 8.3 lbs
Ph 6.9
Specific Gravity 1.0 at 25°C
Boiling Point 212°F
Solubility Complete
Color Opaque white
Total solids 22%
Corrosiveness None
Carcinogens None


Recommended for the treatment of:
Hotels/Motels Aircrafts/Ships/Boats
Special Events Office Buildings
Museums Theaters
Nursing Homes Mobile Homes
Autos/R.V.s Trucks/Trains/Busses
Convention Centers Night Clubs

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