Product Description:
FIREX fire retardant latex is a water based adhesive containing antimony trioxide and bromine containing compounds and is designed for a back coating or a face coating type finish. When properly applied and cured it provides a flame retardant finish that is both durable and economical.

Application methods include foaming, spraying, padding, or even the use of regular paint brushes. The cure time depends on the humidity and thickness of the coatings.




Product Data:
Ionic Nature Nonionic
Active Solids 63-65%
Density (lbs/gal) 13-14 lbs/gal
Resistance to water Excellent
Vehicle Water
UV Stability Excellent


Technical Data:
PH 8.0
Viscosity 1,500-3,000 CP
Average Particle Size 2.5 Microns


American Fire Retardant Corp will gladly assist in making custom formulations or alterations such as viscosity or color changes on this product. For further information contact AFRC directly.

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