NCFR 125

Product Description:
NCFR 125 is a clear, high gloss, water-based topcoat for use over unfinished wood and wallboard, as well as wood or wallboard which have been previously coated with fire retardant coatings. It will raise the gloss of previously coated substrates and provide a protective topcoat for both interior and exterior applications.



25-30 Zahn #3

May use water. If needed

Brush, roller or conventional air-assisted spray.
Avoid wet film build of more than 5 mils per pass.

Cure Time:
Dry to recoat: 1 hour
Dry to touch: 1 hour
Dry to handle: 12 hours

Coverage per gallon:
468 sq. ft. per gallon

High gloss when used alone
Semi-gloss when used over previously painted flat finishes.

VOC: 30 GM/L             Weight per gallon: 8.6 lbs.

Volume solids: 30%        Weight solids: 33%

Packaging:               Storage:
1 gallon pail                Keep from freezing
5 gallon pail                Store in a dry area
55 gallon drum

Our technical data are based on information we believe to be reliable. It is offered in good faith but without warranty, expressed or implied, since conditions and methods of use of this product are beyond our control. Purchasers must make their own tests to determine the suitable of this product for their particular end use. Suggestions for use of this product should not be understood as a recommendation for its use over all substrates.

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